I show how I use classes and layers to keep things organized within a 3D Flat symbol. I also show how to make several viewports to show the flat from various angles on a sheet layer.

 Here's a file with the 3D Flat symbol520.50 KB to play with.

Instructional video showing a method of drawing a theatrical flat using VectorWorks. The result is a flat in 3-D.

Drafting a 2-D theater flat using Vectorworks. This is just one method, of many, for drawing a 4x8 B'way style flat. It runs about 20 minutes and covers a lot of the tools/functions in Vectorworks.

I've created a video showing how to build an octagon and edit hinged truss to 45°. Plus adding Braceworks settings to allow easy snapping.

Vectorworks is my personal choice for CAD software. Vectorworks is one of the few CAD companies to hire theatrical lighting designers to join their team of programmers. They offer a free version for students and teachers to install on their personal computers. Schools will have to purchase the software if they wish to install it in computer labs.


A tutorial showing how to create a basic ground plan of a simple set in Vectorworks. We then explore working planes that allow us to print each wall from its "front" view. These will then become the actual white model walls.
The tutorial is shown at a faster speed and sounds like it.
See part two for the paper version.

Vectorworks® and Renderworks® are registered trademarks of Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.

Now that we've printed out all the parts to our model, it's time to assemble the paper into a simple 3-D model.

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