This scary looking thing is a Hellerman Tool

When I first saw this thing, I started thinking about interesting horror movies.



 Behind the ear mics are called Ear Clips.

 The almost finished product on Elize's ear. This clip was a touch big for her ear, so we added a piece of tape

Greetings everyone. Brandon Potter has been a member of the high school tech mailing list for a very long time. He has taken much of his own time to contribute several very interesting ideas to to the list. Therefore, I have created the Brandon Potter Words of Wisdom page. Here it is in chorological order.

Spaces with low ceilings present a particularly challenging situation for those wishing to use backdrops. And olio drop is a form of a roll drop with a tube is at the bottom. Here are some terrific examples of their use and construction from around the Internet. Credits and copyright belong to those people and sites referred to within.

 Link to Chris's site

60 Minutes from CBS broadcast this terrific behind the scenes look at the creation and rehearsal process of Broadway's Spider-Man from Nov. 2010.

As you can see, an OOPS happened. While unloading several costumes from a pipe that was used for temporary storage, the supervisor wasn't paying attention and allowed too many costumes to be removed. runaway1



Special Effects for the stage is a wide ranging area of stage magic. Making a light flash, and door swing open on its own, making "fire" on stage could all be considered special effects. Several articles here may also belong to other categories. Such as electrics, rigging, sound, etc...

Overview of general rigging items. Knots are under their own menu item.

Overview of general rigging items. Knots are under their own menu item.

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