How many times have you had to search for old books? Beg the library to lend you boxes of books? Well, no more! This is just one way of dealing with the number of books it takes to fill a set of shelves. 1x1.jpg

A set of sliding double doors. These are flats painted to look like panel doors. 1v1.jpg

My list of tools needed by a techie. Yes, in the order of my preference. Don't forget something to hold it all in.
  • Safety Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Tape Measure (At least 16')
  • Adjustable Wrench (a.k.a. C-Wrench)
  • Pocket Knife (keep it sharp)
  • Phillip's Screw Driver (#2 w/4" shaft)
  • Flat Screw Driver (Med size w/4" shaft)
  • Hammer (16oz.)
  • Locking Pliers (a.k.a. Vice Grips)
  • Wire Strippers/cutters
  • Square (Combination/Carpenter's w/level)
  • Channel Lock Pliers
  • Short Handsaw
  • small hand drill
  • Chalk line
  • The business part of the band saw. The blade and the guide wheels. The wheels keep the blade lined up. The blade moves downward... bb1.jpg

    The table saw is one of the largest power tools used in the scene shop. It is never to be used with out proper supervision and proper safety practices.

    This saw is a 12" DeWalt chop saw that can do compound miters and can slide out to cut wood up to 12" wide. Sort of like a radial arm saw.


    Special Effects for the stage is a wide ranging area of stage magic. Making a light flash, and door swing open on its own, making "fire" on stage could all be considered special effects. Several articles here may also belong to other categories. Such as electrics, rigging, sound, etc...

    Overview of general rigging items. Knots are under their own menu item.

    Overview of general rigging items. Knots are under their own menu item.

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