A Periaktoi is an ancient device, often thought to be of Greek origin, that is still used for stage scene changes. It is usually a triangular unit with (3) equal sides. Each side can have a different scene painted on it. When using more then one* Periaktoi in a row, it can look like a solid wall. When all the units are rotated to the second or third side, it reveals another scene. One of the most well known shows to currently use Periaktoi is "A Chorus Line."

*Periaktoi is actually a plural term.

Muslin is a cloth used for numerous things in tech theater. It comes in several widths for all sorts of uses.

Covering Flats.
Covering Platforming.
Covering Trees.
Covering Actors, (costumes.)
Making props.

And much more.

Hint for cutting: Muslin tears in straight lines either across the width, or along the length. Simply make a small cut and then tear the cloth. I tend to make that small cut with my teeth. Just a small tear. Sort of like tearing gaffer's tape.For more info about Muslin, and other theater cloth used in theater, check out the RoseBrand website. RoseBrand is a major supplier of fabrics and painting supplies in New York.


I couldn't resist! sa1.jpg



This is from our discussion on building escape stairs.

For Once Upon a Mattress we built a set of spiral stairs. As with most things built for theater, the stairs were not built as one would build a set for a house.
You can see the lighting boom on the floor.


Escape stairs. I recycled this set of escape stairs from another show. You'll notice the platform on the floor. The other set of stairs to the right were built for this height n15.jpg


Special Effects for the stage is a wide ranging area of stage magic. Making a light flash, and door swing open on its own, making "fire" on stage could all be considered special effects. Several articles here may also belong to other categories. Such as electrics, rigging, sound, etc...

Overview of general rigging items. Knots are under their own menu item.

Overview of general rigging items. Knots are under their own menu item.

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