We have two trees being built. The 4x4 centers are legs for platforms. The legs will poke through the lid of the platform and the tree framing will hold chicken wire and paper mache. Each plywood half circle is cut to random sizes and placed at irregular distances from each other. tree2.jpg

The Tower Tops for Once Upon A Mattress.

Well, these aren't really flats per-se'. But the method is the same. You will need to make a curved inner structure and then cover that with strips of wood forming ribs. This all will get covered with whatever covering you wish to use.


This group of students are building several 6'x12' flats. We've moved 3 4x8 foot tables together to allow us to create a huge jig to make sure the flats are true and square. As you can see, the corners are clamped down. The various pieces are measured and marked before gluing.

We will be covering this flat with white scrim. Yup, we want the audience to see through it.
 Here's the finished project. Click on the photo for a larger image; see the page Mame for more photos.  xx6.jpg

The Sky Line of New York from the 1930's was the backing for our production, "Two Gentlemen." It had nine strings of Christmas lights attached to its back with almost all of those little light bulbs sticking through small holes. Each string had 100 bulbs. That's almost nine hundred!!!

The Sky Line was made using 1/4" Luan ply & 1"x3" furring strips laid flat. First we "gridded" the designer's drawing onto the plywood. The designer's front elevation was drawn in 1" scale. So, for every inch on paper, we needed to increase the size to 1 foot on the plywood. Please refer to the page about griding and the one on scale if you need more info.

As you can see, we have a terrible crack between these two flats. You can also see a piece of cloth hanging down. This is a piece of "Dutchman" that has been pulled away. Dutchman is applied to all the seams in a wall of flats to hide the seams. pp1.jpg


Special Effects for the stage is a wide ranging area of stage magic. Making a light flash, and door swing open on its own, making "fire" on stage could all be considered special effects. Several articles here may also belong to other categories. Such as electrics, rigging, sound, etc...

Overview of general rigging items. Knots are under their own menu item.

Overview of general rigging items. Knots are under their own menu item.

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