This is the first step to a Sunday Knot. Starting point to making a Sunday Know

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It is used to make a lope out of wire rope or cable with out putting any kinks in the wire. You can use this for regular rope as well.

stopp1This is a Stopper Hitch. It is a knot that applies pressure. Pressure that increases with the weight you apply to it. Used most often in two situations: 1. attaching sand bags to ropes and 2. tying a counter weight line to the locking rail to indicate that the line is to stay put.

Clove Hitch is use to tie rope to a pipe or a 2x4 and a host of other things. It will do a decent job of grabbing onto the pipe without too much slipping. This is the knot that is use in Hemp Houses to hang the pipe battens. (this photo is missing the double half hitches. See below) clove1

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