This is a Sears Drill Press.
 This photo show that various drill press table accesories we have set up. The clamp to the bottom right is holding a piece of plywood to the metal table. This wood acts as a buffer to keep the drill bits from hitting the metal.
The vice in the forground clamps in several different positions.
Behind the vice you can see a jig clamped down. This jig os for our 4x4 legs. Clamp the jig in the correct position and you can drill the bolt hole in the correct place for days.
 We see the pull down handle and the motor in this picture. This drill press has a selection of speeds which are adjucted via lifting up the top cover and shifting a drive belt. Slow speeds for metal and faster for wood. Your speeds may vary.  dd3.jpg
 This is the bit storage are. You can see the spade bits (so called because they look like gardening spades) are hanging in order of size.  dd5.jpg
 Drill bits. 3 kinds are pictured. The single one on the left side of the top photo is a masonry bit. It will drill into brick, cement and drywall. The rest in the top photo are twist bits. They will drill both wood and metal.

The bottom photo is of spade bits. Wood Only Please.