Carpentry & Construction  by Mark R. Miller (Author)

Books-On-Line : The project I'm working on right now in the hundred year old house I bought is refinishing some hardwood floors. So first I turned to the index to see what they said about doing that task. It was there. The description was rather short, but exactly what I needed to know.


Certain Fragments: Contemporary Performance and Forced Entertainment  by Tim Etchells (Author)

Certain Fragments is an extraordinary exploration of what lies at the heart of contemporary theatre. Written by the artistic director of Forced Entertainment, acknowledged to be 'Britain's most brilliant experimental theatre company'( Guardian), Certain Fragments investigates the processes of devising performance, the role of writing in an interdisciplinary theatre, and the influence of the city on contemporary art practice.


A Sourcebook of Feminist Theatre and Performance: On and Beyond the Stage  by Carol Martin (Author)

This work is a unique collection of key articles on feminist theatre and performance form The Drama Review (TDR). Carol Martin juxtaposes theory and practice to provide an exceptionally comprehensive overview of the development of feminist theatre. This outstanding collection includes key texts by theorists such as Elin Diamond, Peggy Phelan and Lynda Hart and interviews with practitioners including Anna Deveare Smith and Robbie McCauley.


The Stagecraft and Performance of Roman Comedy  by C. W. Marshall (Author)

A comprehensive survey of Roman theatrical production, this book examines all aspects of Roman performance practice, and provides fresh insights on the comedies of Plautus and Terence. Following an introductory chapter on the experience of Roman comedy from the perspective of Roman actors and the Roman audience, addressing among other things the economic concerns of putting on a play in the Roman republic, subsequent chapters provide detailed studies of troupe size and the implications for role assignment, masks, stage action, music, and improvisation in the plays of Plautus and Terence.


Scenic Art for the Theatre, Second Edition: History, Tools, and Techniques (Kindle Edition)  by Susan Crabtree (Author)

Scenic Art for the Theatre is by far the best painting book on the market. Susan Crabtree is a fabulous painter with years of experience, and also a GREAT teacher.


Houdini on the Secrets of Magic (Kindle Edition)  by Harry Houdini (Author)

"For those people that want to know how it's done". A very rare and exciting book by the worlds greatest magician - Escape artist Harry Houdini. Houdiini spent his life in studying magic. while he traveled around the world as a performer he was also watching and collecting magic tricks and illusions from many different cultures.


Scenery: Drafting and Construction for Theatres, Museums, Exhibitions and Trade Shows  by John Blurton (Author)

This book is for all those involved in designing, building, and installing scenery in theaters and exhibitions. It is for draftsmen, designers, production managers, producers, contract managers, stage managers, carpenters, technical backstage staff as well as students.


Technical Theater for Nontechnical People  by Drew Campbell (Author)

Two under-appreciated theatrical specialties, technical production for the novice and audience development, take center stage in these two thorough works. With hundreds of production/design/technical credits behind him, Campbell has written what will certainly become a standard introductory text on technical theater.


The Perfect Stage Crew: The Compleat Technical Guide for High School, College, and Community Theater  by John Kaluta (Author)

Here is an indispensable, nuts-and-bolts guide to putting on a stunning, low-budget show in less than 40 days! The Perfect Stage Crew explains the pitfalls to avoid and provides solutions to the most common as well as most complex stage performance problems.


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