Stage Management Books

Stage Management (8th Edition)

Stage Management (8th Edition)  by Lawrence Stern (Author)

Full of practical aids—checklists, diagrams, examples, forms, and step-by-step directions—this book has been used and admired by students and theater professionals alike. It eschews excessive discussion of philosophy and, instead, gets right to the essential materials and processes of putting on a production.


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Stage Management: A Practical Guide

Stage Management: A Practical Guide  by Soozie Copley, Philippa Killner, Cameron Mackintosh(Author)

Stage Management examines every facet of this exciting and pivotal theatrical profession, from first receiving a copy of the script, through the rehearsal process and production period, to “putting the show away” after the final performance. Written for amateurs, students, and practitioners alike, it offers tips and tricks learned and used by two respected professionals.


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