Small Stage Sets on Tour: A Practical Guide to Portable Stage Sets  by James Hull Miller (Author)

This text continues Miller's efforts to make simple and workable scenery available to those with no background in theater technology or design. Although duplicating some of the material from his earlier books, most notably Self-Supporting Scenery (self-published, 1976. 3d ed.), this slim volume examines the possibilities for touring shows with very limited budgets.


James Hull Miller's Self Supporting Scenery for Childrens Theatre and Grown Ups Too a Scenic Workbook for the Open Stage  by James Hull Miller (Author)

By finishing both sides fo each flat, they can then be used without jacks or weights by simply setting them up at an angle. To all non-theatre people, this is called a decorative screen, like the one your auntie Minerva had in the drawing room.


Handbook of Scenery, Properties, and Lighting, Volume II: Lighting (2nd Edition) (Plastic Comb)  by Harvey Sweet (Author)

This book offers practical instruction on design and use of equipment in stage lighting. The purpose, functions, and qualities of stage lighting as well as the principles, practices, and strategies and practical concerns of lighting design are covered. Projection and special effects are followed by the basics of electricity.


Corrugated Cardboard Scenery  by Briant Hamor Lee, Daryl M. Wedwick (Author)

Mr. Lee, et al have done a great service for the low-budget theater scenographer. Not only will a scenographer receive excellent tips on designing with cardboard, the technical director may discover a virtual cornicopia of tidbits to facilitate the actual construct of those designs.


Perspective Rendering for the Theatre  by William H. Pinnell (Author)

William H. Pinnell first issues an "invitation to investigate the magic of perspective and explore its wondrous surround," then escorts the beginning as well as the advanced student through the complex process of artistically conveying scene designs via the scenographic drawing.


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