Scenic Art for the Theatre  by Peter Beudert, Susan Crabtree(Author)

Scenic Art for the Theatre is written in easy-to-understand language for both the student and the professional. The tools and techniques sections, complete with hints and how-to's, make this book a handy reference for anyone studying or working in this field.


Victorian Style: Classic Homes of North America (Hardcover)  by Cheri Y. Gay (Author)

North American Victorian architecture and interior design are explored in detail in this essential look at an enduring style.


Period Details: A Sourcebook for House Restoration  by Martin Miller,Judith Miller (Author)

The first comprehensive, pictorial guide to the styles, materials, fixtures, and fittings essential to the successful restoration of a period house. The book covers details and fixtures for all rooms in the house as well as the exterior and garden, and helps you achieve an authentic period feel without abandoning the requirements of contemporary living.


VICTORIAN HOME: The Grandeur and Comfort of the Victorian Era, in Households Past and Present (Hardcover)  by Ellen M. Plante (Author)

The Victorian Home is not only a beautifully written design guide to reviving rooms from this era, it's also a fascinating history lesson on the culture of the mid- to late-19th-century gentrified society in Britain. For this privileged class, the home was the "center of the universe, a safe haven from a rapidly industrializing society.


Miniature Rooms: The Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago (Hardcover)  by Kathleen Aguilar (Photographer)

"Miniature Rooms" begins with a brief history of Mrs. Thorne and how the rooms came to be. The rest of the book is a complete catalog of the Rooms, divided into two sections - the European rooms and the American rooms.


Victorian Dollhouse Wallpapers: Six Full-Color Patterns on 24 Sheets (Decorative Paper for Craftwork)  by Inc. Katzenbach & Warren (Author)

Irresistible collection features 6 colorful patterns, all based on classic Victorian wallpaper designs. 4 sheets of each pattern (about 350 square inches) will more than cover an average dollhouse room. Ideal for other craft projects, too — book covers, picture frames, lampshades, decoupage, more.


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