Italian Lighting Design 1945-2000  by Alberto Bassi (Author)

Following World War II, Italian industrial designers began to earn worldwide acclaim for their lamp and lighting designs; since then the country has produced landmark models that have become classics of modern and contemporary design, such as lamps by the Castiglioni brothers and Artemide.


Lighting the Landscape: Art, Design, Technologies  by Roger Narboni (Author)

Lighting design, long regarded as a pragmatic and purely technical aspect of construction planning, has increasingly developed into a discipline of its own over the past years. This publication recognises recent developments by combining the technical sphere with an artistic perspective, centred on the question of the role of natural and artificial light in the perception of a variety of (urban) landscapes.


Lighting Design Handbook  by Civil Engineering Laboratory (Author)

With the advent of increasingly more efficient light sources, interior lighting levels have continued to rise dramatically. However, in many cases these higher lighting levels caused more complaints than the previously lower lighting levels.


Light Fantastic: The Art And Design of Stage Lighting, with DVD  by Max Keller, Johannes Weiss (Author)

A virtuoso in the field, Max Keller has set new standards of technical and artistic excellence. In this book he divulges his extensive knowledge of every aspect of stage lighting, from natural phenomena and the history of light in the theater, to Goethe and Runge’s theories of color, to the fundamentals of optics and projection.


Residential Interior Design: A Guide to Planning Spaces  by Maureen Mitton, Courtney Nystuen (Author)

More than a decorating guide, Residential Interior Design teaches the fundamental skills needed to plan interior spaces for all types of homes, in all decorative styles, from remodeling to new construction. Taking a step-by-step approach, this valuable primer reviews all aspects of interior architecture as it relates to human factors and daily use.


Soma Basics: Lighting (Soma Basics)  by Sebastian Conran ,Mark Bond (Author)

Light has the power to relax or stimulate, distract or emphasize, and is directly related to quality of life. Conran Basics: Lighting shows readers how to create the atmosphere they want through lighting. Featured are wall, floor, ceiling, and table lights; organic and free-form designs; and styles in plastic, paper, wood, or neon.


Lighting by Design (Decor Best-Sellers)  by Sally Storey, Luke White (Author)

While it may be easy to visualize fabrics from swatches and large samples, lighting is much more complex. One cannot touch or feel it, yet it is all around and responsible for what we see. Lighting by Design takes an imaginative and creative look at the potential of creating and using light both inside and outside the home.


Ideas for Great Home Lighting  by Scott Atkinson (Author)

The most beautifully decorated room pales without proper lighting. Get the latest ideas for innovative and efficient techniques with Ideas for Great Home Lighting. This detailed primer explains the basics of proper lighting, how to choose the right bulbs and fixtures, and design tricks to get the most from lighting, both indoors and out.


Lighting Design: Principles, Implementation, Case Studies (Detail Practice)  by Ulrike Brandi Licht (Author)

More than any building material, light produces spatial effects, generates moods, and "stages architectural designs. In well-lit spaces, we feel good, and we are capable and effective; light promotes health. Moreover, especially in office buildings, the combination of a sensible natural lighting design with a corresponding approach to artificial lighting is a decisive factor in energy conservation.


Interior Lighting, Fourth Edition  by Gary Gordon (Author)

The inspired illumination of any given space can amplify its aesthetic impact and take it from the pedestrian to the sublime. And, for years, this excellent reference has guided architects and designers in the achievement of lighting artistry.


Lighting: A Design Source Book (Hardcover)  by Elizabeth Wilhide, Ray Main(Author)

Lighting is as integral a factor in any interior design plan as color, objects, and arrangement. Wilhide understands that lighting is more than simply what we see; it's also how we feel. Lighting is a central factor in how any space influences our moods.


Scenic Design and Lighting Techniques: A Basic Guide for Theatre (Paperback)  by Rob Napoli, Chuck Gloman (Author)

Basic. This is the key word in Scenic Design and Lighting Tecniques: A Basic Guide for Theatre, written by two seasoned professionals with over twenty years of experience. This book is designed to show you how to turn a bare stage into a basic set design, without using heavy language that would bog you down.


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