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From Amazon: Color & Light is an essential practical guide to how color works in light. Written from the perspective of a theatrical lighting designer, it discusses how to see color, how to construct effective lighting palettes, and how to make use of both color filters and color-mixing LED fixtures to create compositions that work well with scenery and costumes to tell compelling stories.Color and light with led

From Amazon's Page, "Running a spotlight is harder than it looks. To do it well, you need tounderstand how the light and its controls work, you need some training,and you need some practice. Spotlight Operators Handbook

The Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit Paperback – June 2, 2014

by Anne E. McMills (Author)

 How I wish I had this book when starting out. Anne gives you the inside track of working with the big kids. Aside from all the terrific design advice, Anne gives information and tools used by those that assist major lighting designers working on Broadway and around the world. Segments include what's expected of an assistant in the design office, at the tech table, and beyond. 


A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting Third Edition Paperback – October 27, 2013 by Steven Louis Shelley

This is a great book that delves into the process of creating a lighting design, from start to finish, including script analysis, rough design process sketches, rough light plots and finished paperwork. Steve not only gives information on how it's done, but also tells fantastic stories from the road. His "Soapbox" rants are priceless. I use this book for several classes I teach to both undergrad and grad students.

Lighting Design: For Urban Environments and Architecture  by Kaoru (Author)

This book showcases a wide variety of ingenious lighting solutions both functional and purely creative by Lighting Planners Associates Inc. It features a huge range of projects, including office buildings, pedestrian zones, memorials, retail outlets, hospitals, arts centres, museums, and religious buildings.


Creative Garden Lighting  by Michele Osborne (Author)

Homeowners, garden designers, landscape professionals, and anyone with an interest in highlighting and improving the look of their home landscape will be inspired to learn how even the most drab setting can be transformed into a stunning showcase garden using simple, modern, and creative lighting schemes. Revealed in these pages are the secrets behind a wide range of lighting styles.


Office Buildings: A Design Manual  by Rainer Hascher (Author)

Offices, as a category of building, have undergone dramatic changes in the last few years. Increasing economic globalization, new information and communication technologies, and ecological considerations are all making demands on a branch of architecture which for nearly a century had been marked by the construction norms and standards, and the requirements of office organisation.


The Design of Lighting  by David Loe (Author)

Written primarily for the practising designer, Design of Lighting brings together in one volume all that the practitioner is likely to need. The authors combine a technical introduction to lighting and color theory with a guide to design concepts and criteria, to create a comprehensive source book for architects and designers on interior lighting design.


Lighting Solutions (Do It Yourself)  by Fine Homebuilding Editors(Author)

Houses need new lighting, especially when they get new owners. Lighting Solutions focuses on high-impact, low-cost projects for all skill levels and tastes that can be completed in one to three days and includes step-by-step photos that cover every aspect of the job and information on all tools and materials.


Stage Lighting Handbook  by Francis Reid (Author)

The Stage Lighting Handbook is well established as the classic practical lighting guide. The book explains the process of designing lighting for all forms of stage production and describes the equipment used. This new edition includes up-to-date information on new equipment and discusses its impact on working methods.


Lighting: Recipes and Ideas (Recipes & Ideas)  by Sally Storey (Author)

When it comes to beautifying homes with light, Glenn Johnson is universally recognized as one of the absolute masters of his art. At different points in his high-profile career, he has created designs that bring subtle warmth to Stephen Spielberg's art collection ... defined a relaxed aura for David Geffen's music sanctuary ... and unobtrusively illuminated the sumptuous details of mega-mansions for the likes of Iris and B. Gerald Cantor and Aaron Spelling.


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